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Laurel Hall School -- Hagerstown and Frederick
Special Education Services Program


Laurel Hall School is a non-public school designed to provide education services to special needs students. These special needs may include emotional disabilities or multiple handicaps that require a setting of sophisticated, highly structured and individualized special education services as well as any needed psychiatric support services.

The program is viewed as part of a continuum of services provided by the Washington County Board of Education and Frederick County Board of Education. Students are transitioned back into their home school as quickly as possible.

Our Program

The non-public school is part of the continuum of mental health services offered by Brook Lane. The program provides special education and related services consistent with each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The program serves both male and female students ages 5-21 in grades 1 through 12. Students with secondary disabilities may be served. Accommodations will be made for individual learning styles. The student capacity is 90 students in Hagerstown and 45 students in Frederick.

Laurel Hall School is a member of MANSEF (Maryland Association of Non-public Special Education Facilities).

The school has been developed to maximize teaching English, Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Sciences in a manner consistent with each student’s ability. Credits earned meet requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education and will be transferred to the student’s local education agency for graduation and issuance of a diploma.

The program is designed to foster social and emotional growth and development. A comprehensive array of treatment services is available. All students will receive weekly individual and group therapies.


Admission to Laurel Hall School begins with an IEP process. The local education agency IEP team will identify students with emotional disabilities and/or multiple handicaps. If the student is also in need of a high level of structure and extensive intensive support services, a referral to Laurel Hall is appropriate.

A Laurel Hall representative will meet with referring educational agency representatives and the student’s parents/guardian to assist in developing the IEP. Individualized Education Programs will be reviewed at least yearly.

Our Staff

The program employs certified special education teachers, behavioral specialists, clinical social workers and nurses. Related services include psychiatry, psychology, art therapy, addictions counseling, family therapy, and speech/language on an as-needed basis.

Our Settings

Laurel Hall School is housed on the main campus of Brook Lane. The school consists of nine classrooms, a library, curriculum resource room, office suite, and a recreational area. Meals are provided in the dining hall.

Laurel Hall School in Frederick is housed at 4540B Mack Avenue. The school consists of five classrooms, a library, curriculum resource room, and an office suite. Meals are catered and served in a cafeteria on site.


Students may be recommended for dismissal from the program for a major behavioral violation or parental non-compliance. Major behavioral violations can include assault, carrying weapons, selling drugs or alcohol, and sexual misconduct.

A dismissal may also result from agencies or other service providers not complying with an agreed upon component of the student's IEP.

In the event that dismissal is warranted, both parents and the local education agency will be notified immediately and an IEP will be held. The student’s placement shall be maintained during the due process proceedings.

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